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AR Rubric 1 of 7. ACTION RESEARCH RUBRIC. Required Components. Does Not Meet. Standards. Partially Meets. Standards. Meets. Standards. Exceeds. Standards. Abstract. A description of the research study's purpose, subjects/participants, methods and procedures, and results/ findings is presented in no more than
Literature review doesn't cite relevant theories and research in terms of the question(s) being asked. • Literature reviewed does not includes major theories and research in the area. • Literature review is not written in the way that can guide the action planned in the study. • Literature is not linked to action and assessment
ACTION RESEARCH PRACTICUM PROJECT. SCORING RUBRIC: IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING. Required Components. 1. 2. 3. 4. Topic Addresses Improving Student Learning. No description. Incomplete description. Partial description. Complete description descrip. Abstract. A description of the research study's
The writing is weak. Numerous citations for statements are not included in the report or are cited in the wrong style. Numerous grammar errors are present in the paper. Developing. The writing is developing in tone and clarity. Formatting problems exist, but for the most part references are available and in the proper format.
knowledge production products that require a traditional research reporting format: action research, literary research, scientific research, social ... Research Paper Scoring Guide. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Introduction Does not meet criteria. No introduction or contextual information for research question; insufficient primary resources
The solution: ▫ We need to train students not only to see what we see as teachers in terms of assessable features but also to place an equivalent value on them. ▫ Establishing an engagement with the primary assessment tool, the rubric, is undoubtedly a rich source in achieving this.
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An introduction exists, but is lacking in engaging the reader's interest. OR. The context and/or purpose of the study is not articulated well. OR. The organization of the paper is not articulated well. Provides background for the study that engages the reader's interest;. The context of the study is described well;. The purpose of
Assessment 1: Action Research Project 1, page 1 of 3. Advanced Program ... Discussion, and Conclusion and Implications (18 pts possible…an additional 3 for writing quality). Evaluation Criteria for Action ... ACTION RESEARCH PROJECT: Rubric for Judging Evidence of Meeting Standard. Analytic Scoring: Does Not Yet
Assessment Rubric for Final Action Research Project (adapted from Queen's University). POINTS AWARDED. Peer. Instructor. Is it a good question? _____. _____ / 50. 0-20. A rationale for selecting issues of importance was provided. 21-40. The identified issues are discussed in relation to the candidates' own experience.

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